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The existing market situation of seeds and seedlings of fruit species and nursery diseases in Bangladesh was studied. A nation wide survey on seed and seedling trade were carried out in 260 upzilla under 54 districts. Seed health study of seven fruit species showed around 23% infection of seeds by six species of fungi. Significant plant pathogens viz. Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Gloeosporium, Pestalotia psidii, Alternaria alternata Erysiphe, Sphaceloma fawcetti, Phytophthora spp. Lasiodiplodia theobromae Oidium mangiferae, Fusarium oxysporum and Cephaleuros virescens were detected. Incidence and severity of important seedling diseases of selected fruit species were studied and significant variations were observed that depends on weather factors. Correlation and linear regression analysis revealed that all the diseases were influenced by the epidemiological factors and varied according to host patho-system. In management study, Trichoderma harzianum based BAU-Biofungicide showed excellent result in controlling leaf spot diseases. Use of Cupravit and Bavistin either alone or in combination with BAU-Biofungicide also reduced the incidence and severity of diseases of seedling.

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