Bangladesh Journal of Plant Pathology

The Society is proud to announce the publication of its esteemed official organ, “Bangladesh Journal of Plant Pathology.” As a leading Plant Pathology research journal, it serves as a cornerstone in advancing the understanding and treatment of plant diseases. With its comprehensive coverage of various disciplines including Mycology, Fungal Pathology, Bacteriology, Virology, Phytopathology, and Plant Nematology, the journal stands as a testament to the Society’s commitment to excellence in Agricultural Sciences.

Plant Pathology, the overarching discipline encompassing the study of plant diseases, forms the core focus of the journal. Through rigorous research and analysis, it elucidates the complex interactions between pathogens and host plants, paving the way for innovative solutions to combat crop diseases. Additionally, Plant Nematology, the study of nematodes, offers vital perspectives on the management of nematode-related plant ailments.

As the flagship publication of the Society, “Bangladesh Journal of Plant Pathology” represents the collective expertise and dedication of researchers and scientists in the field. Its contributions not only advance scientific knowledge but also provide practical insights for farmers, agronomists, and policymakers striving for sustainable agriculture.

With its commitment to excellence and its comprehensive coverage of pivotal disciplines, “Bangladesh Journal of Plant Pathology” remains a vital resource and a beacon of strength for the Society and the broader scientific community.

Through its pages, the Society continues to foster collaboration, innovation, and progress in the vital field of plant pathology.

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