​BPS Vision & Overview

Core Purpose

Advancing the plant pathology knowledge for food security

Core Value

a) to work for the general advancement of Phytopathological science and its application in Bangladesh.

b) to organize conferences, meetings, symposia, seminars and workshops on plant pathological science and technology.

c) to grow farmers interest in crop protection and to educate them to protect their crops from diseases.

d) to grant award to the plant pathologists for his/her outstanding contribution in the field of plant pathology.

e) to award financial grants for special research.

f) to publish proceedings, journals, newsletters, bulletins, on-line journal and web page for dissemination of knowledge in plant pathology;

g) to promote and safeguard the interest of Bangladeshi plant pathologists working in Bangladesh and abroad; and

h) to maintain, develop and extend international linkages in the field of phytopathological sciences.


Engaging Plant Pathology professionals to excel the development of plant health scenario through innovating environmentally sustainable practices.

Vision Statement
Creating environment for growing Healthy plants for a sustainable future
Strategic Goals
  • Accelerate professional collaboration and data sharing among pant pathologists.
  • Trained up workforce with the necessary skills to ensure sustainable plant health.
  • Publishing plant health related research articles leading to a sustainable future.